Iowa Chapter of Children's Advocacy Centers

The Iowa Chapter of Children’s Advocacy Centers (ICCAC) is an organization dedicated to providing a comprehensive response to child abuse in the state of Iowa. As an accredited Chapter of the National Children’s Alliance, ICCAC works to advocate for children where physical, sexual abuse and/or neglect are present. We also work to educate state leaders on responses to child abuse, provide training and resources, and support child advocacy centers across the state.

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Our child advocacy centers located across the state provide a range of care and support to children who have been referred by law enforcement and the Department of Human Services. These centers combine representatives from many disciplines—law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, and medical and victim advocacy—to make team decisions in the best interest of the child.


Our organization meets the National Children’s Alliance’s rigorous standards of practice, equipping us to advocate for children in Iowa. We use the most recent evidence-based practices to ensure each child receives the highest quality services.


We strive to increase awareness about the prevalence of child abuse and to broaden the support resources available. Browse statistics and information about child abuse in Iowa, find answers to frequently asked questions, and view our annual report.

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