ICCAC Annual Report (2023)

Download and read our most recent annual report, which provides information about the work that Iowa CACs accomplished in the past year, statistics on child abuse in the state, and more information about our organization.

Download the 2023 Annual Report 

What is Child Traumatic Stress?

A trauma is an intense event that threatens a person’s life or safety in a way that is too much for the mind to handle and leaves the person powerless. Child traumatic stress occurs when children and adolescents are exposed to traumatic events or traumatic situations, and this exposure overwhelms their ability to cope with what they have experienced.


Parents and caregivers can play an important role in helping children and adolescents recover from their traumatic experiences. Seeking trauma-informed care therapy can help a child process and heal after experiencing trauma.To find out more about what is available for counseling, therapy and treatment, contact a family advocate located at a Child Protection Center near you:

Wendy Berkey, Blank Children’s STAR & Developmental Center, West Des Moines, IA

Angie Mack, Mercy One Siouxland Child Advocacy Center, Sioux City, IA

Julie Sigwarth, St Luke’s Child Protection Center, Hiawatha, IA

Jenna Wagner, Mississippi Valley Child Protection Center, Muscatine, IA

Miranda Kracke, Allen Hospital Child Protection Center, Waterloo, IA

Rebecca Williams, Child Protection Response Center, Davenport, IA

Other Resources Related to the CAC Model:

National Children’s Alliance

The National Children’s Alliance is the professional membership organization dedicated to helping coordinate a response to allegations of child abuse. As the accrediting body of over 900 CACs across the United States, they provide training, financial support, and advocacy on a national scale to CACs, multidisciplinary teams, and child abuse professionals.

Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center

The Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center is committed to providing affordable, accessible, and cost-effective training methods for multidisciplinary teams utilizing the latest technology and research to deliver timely, relevant, capacity-building programs.

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